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Your Onion

Mar 22, 2022

When I finally got the chance to run my own business, that’s all I could think about.

I was going to achieve this and prove to others that I could make this business work, but it would take my total concentration and dedication to make it work.

I was my hardest critic, not allowing myself to rest or focus on anything else apart from making this company work.

I would look after the team before looking after myself because I knew that I needed their support to make this company successful.

I created a haven at the office where the outside world would not affect the creativity that happened within the company.

My buzz was to hear laughter and conversations within the office, that people were enjoying what they loved to do.

With that buzz came confidence within the team that we could tackle any project/client that came our way, and we did.

I left my family behind at times physically there but mentally sitting in my office planning my next move.

I would work all hours and then network, taking me further away from my family. Putting a lot of strain on my marriage and my relationship with my children became less and less, as they couldn’t connect with me.

Over the years, even though the company was getting bigger and we were achieving more success, I became more distant from family and work colleagues. Affecting me at work overtime. The more people I took on, the less I had to do, even though the company had achieved so much over eight years.

I had reached the top of the mountain, but it wasn’t the view I was expecting.

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