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Your Onion

Jan 29, 2018

John Shanlian and guests talk about their business week and dive into the fitness market in Qatar with Yasser who is the Founder and Managing Partner of CrossFit T23 on the Pearl. Touched on various other entrepreneurial endeavours taken on by Yasser. Keep Fit Qatar!!!

Jan 21, 2018

John Shanilan & Stefan Lindberg-Jones chat about their week doing business here in Qatar and have special guest Matthias Krampe Founder of Auggd. They talk about life and work in Qatar and we get insight into AR - Augmented Reality and how it can help your business in so many ways.

Jan 14, 2018

Stefan Lindberg-Jones & John Shanlian review their week doing business in Qatar and have special guest Sophie Besitka join them to talk about her start-up Wanasah Qatar's premier in-cab advertising platform.

Jan 9, 2018

In this episode we touch on a lot of things but mainly around food.