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The Majlis Masters Network

Jun 26, 2020

Your Onions guest today is Mousab Haddad the managing director of INNYX Management who will talk about surviving this pandemic and how his tips and pointers will help your business thrive after the pandemics over. 📈 Catch all this on #YourOnion LISTEN: WATCH:

Jun 18, 2020

We have David Shar the founder of Illuminate PMC on Your Onion today, and he will be talking to us about how organisations can improve their leadership, culture, combat burnout and design meaningful work to benefit all businesses! 💡So check out #YourOnion LISTEN: WATCH:

Jun 11, 2020

Today on Your Onion we have Jeff Mendelson to talk about how people can use digital marketing to make there business BOOM! and how it can open opportunities for business all around the world. So check out#YourOnion! 🖥🌏 LISTEN: WATCH: #Digital #Business #Qatar #Doha...