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The Majlis Masters Network

Jun 26, 2019

Today, we speak to Grant Marais, the Chef de Cuisine at the Marriott Marquis, City Center Doha. A specialized chef in everything meat and steaks, Grant has had a special connection to food ever since he was a child, because his grandparents ran their own bakery. Over the years, Grant has received several accolades...

Jun 23, 2019

Today, we speak to Michal Kosior, the office Manager of International Amber Association, a company that provides premium amber jewelry. We talk about the formation of amber, its significance in the region, and how the jewelry industry is run. Listen in to his story.

Jun 20, 2019

Today, we speak to Vineet Nambiar, a serial entrepreneur. He’s founded various entrepreneurial ventures over the past few years, his latest being Mavericks 365, a global innovation and networking platform that aims to bring like-minded innovative entrepreneurs and networkers together. We speak about his achievements,...

Jun 16, 2019

Today, we speak to David Girard, Executive Chef in Intercontinental Hotel The City. Originally French, David lived in the UK for 15 years, where he studied pastry making. Now, he has a team of professionals who help market and promote his work. Listen in for some hotel industry inspiration!

Jun 12, 2019

Today, we talk to Dr. Dolf De Roos, a successful international real estate investor and a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. We talk about his experience living in 7 countries, how he learned about real estate and the consultancy industry, his challenges as an author, and his successful...